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Must Have Dog Toys to Keep your Pet Healthy

Owning a dog is tough work. Although you may not need to put in as much effort as you would a human child, he does need your attention and the opportunity to burn off energy. Exercise is very important for dogs, a fact that many dog owners forget if the growing number of obese pooches across the country is anything to go by. As an added benefit, when you exercise your dog you also burn some calories of your own making it a good way to stay fit as well.

Dog specialists such as Purebred Breeders LLC, reputable breeders and veterinarians often recommend that owners learn more about the physical and mental needs of their pet in order to ascertain the best training techniques to apply and exercise opportunities to provide. In many cases where dogs become destructive about the home is when these needs are not being adequately met. Contacting specialists like helps in finding a suitable match of dog to fit your lifestyle. Here are a few important toys you can stock up on to help training and exercise your pet.

  • Balls - these are an absolute must to have stashed away. Although tennis balls are the most common, it is best to find a ball that is suited to the size of your dog's mouth. The last thing you need is to rush your pet to the vet because he swallowed the ball. There are also special toy balls that do not allow slobber to adhere making for an easier time when your pet keeps returning it to you for another throw. You can also opt for a squeaking ball that is amusing and encourages your dog to flex his jaws to get the sound. Try to go for bright or glowing colors that are easy to spot, even in snow.
  • Discs- these are likely the most popular when playing fetch outdoors. They are much more versatile than balls because they can change direction with the wind and the speed can vary. They are an excellent choice for those with more athletic breeds that require a tougher physical challenge. There are also a few other retrieval toys that work in a similar manner as discs and come in a variety of different materials including rope and rubber.
  • Squeaking toys - these are designed for the sole purpose of encouraging your pet to chew on them. Because dogs' teeth are generally sharp they may not last a long time. They are however a good way to keep your pet occupied when you are busy and they are good for teeth cleaning. They also a necessity for breeds that are chewers and you wish to avoid them ruining your favorite slippers. Some are also flavored with tempting aromas like bacon, or breathe fresheners.
  • Food dispensers- some toys are designed to dispense small treats like kibble as the dog chews on them. You do have to keep refilling them, but they are very effective in encouraging your dog to chew and get his teeth cleaned in the process. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. They are also another good way to keep your pet distracted for a few hours. These toys are also another way to help stimulate your dog's mind as he works out how to get the treat he can smell is so near.
  • Tug toys - these are toys which you can use to play tugging games with your pet. Using them does require a fair amount of physical exertion on your part as you bring out the aggressiveness in your animal. The toy is usually made of durable material like rope or rubber. Make sure to be careful in their use and storage. They often become frayed, especially with serious chewers and your dog can swallow pieces that will obstruct his gastrointestinal tract. When it begins to appear frayed or otherwise damaged, buy a new one.

Playing with your dog is a good way to reaffirm the bond between you. When you have a few toys around the home that you can pick up to play with, it makes the time you spend together more special. These items are also a good way for your children to be creative when playing with the dog. Some of these toys are also helpful in keeping your dog's teeth clean and avoid dental problems that can be dangerous and expensive to treat. They can also keep your pet occupied and less likely to become anxious in your absence. Make sure to always clean them before storage for safe use the next time.


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